Rogers Range

Available upcoming classes for the Rogers Range are as follows:

  • R1- September 21-22

  • R1- October 17-18 LEO Invitational 

  • R1- October 19-20

  • R1- November 9-10

  • R5- November 11-15

  • R1- November 16-17

  • R1- December 7-8

Click the link HERE to get course descriptions about each class and pricing from the Rogers Range Texas website.

Rifle Courses

Long Range Precision Shooting Course September 14-15


Mission Critical Long Rang Precision Rifle Class is designed for beginners and shooter that who are interested in learning to shoot to 1000yards and beyond.  This is a 2 day class that will begin with classroom instruction and range time on both days.


Day one will cover:


  • Ballistics and ballistic calculators

  • Wind reading

  • Range estimation using your reticle

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship

  • Zeroing of the precision rifle/Chrono your ammo

  • Cold bore and data collection out to 1000 yards.


Day two will build on day ones activities.


  • Verification of your cold bore using your D.O.P.E. from day one

  • Unknown distance course live fire

  • Live fire drills and scenarios designed to test your abilities to put what you've learned into action

  • Students with a rifle setup capable will have a chance to engage a 1 mile target!

  • Introduction to advanced course topics

  • AAR (After Action Review) to answer any questions regarding information covered during the       course.


Required equipment:


  1. Ear/Eye protection

  2. Clothing suitable for the Season/ Central Texas Terrain

  3. Match grade rifle capable of holding 1 MOA or better

  4. Magnified optic with adjustable turrets for wind/elevation AND ranging reticle

  5. Minimum of 200 Rounds of MATCH GRADE ammunition and Bipod

  6. Rear bag/rear supports highly recommended, but not required any other gear you may already have for long range shooting

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