Long Range

Precision Rifle

2 Day

The course is designed to suit the needs of shooters having little to no long range experience. Currently there are seven different LRP ranges at the ranch designed for incremental levels of difficulty.

Prerequisite: None



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Course Description

The Long Range Precision Rifle course is designed for entry level shooters interested in learning to shoot to 1000 yards and beyond.  This 2 day course begins with classroom instruction then moves to live fire range training each day.


Day 1 Includes:


  • Ballistics and ballistic calculators

  • Wind reading

  • Range estimation using your reticle

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship

  • Zeroing of the precision rifle/Chrono your ammo

  • Cold bore and data collection out to 1000 yards.


Day 2 Builds on Day 1 and Includes:


  • Verification of your cold bore using your D.O.P.E. from day one

  • Unknown distance course live fire

  • Live fire drills and scenarios designed to test your abilities to put what you've learned into action

  • Students with a rifle setup capable will have a chance to engage a 1 mile target!

  • Introduction to advanced course topics

  • AAR (After Action Review) to answer any questions regarding information covered during the       course.


Required Equipment:


  1. Ear/Eye protection

  2. Clothing suitable for the Season/ Central Texas Terrain

  3. Match grade rifle capable of holding 1 MOA or better

  4. Magnified optic with adjustable turrets for wind/elevation AND ranging reticle

  5. Bipod

  6. Shooting mat

  7. Minimum of 200 Rounds of MATCH GRADE ammunition

  8. Rear bag/rear supports highly recommended, but not required

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