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Sniper Field Craft

Taught by noted Sniper instructor Chad Thibodeaux, this much sought after class is a two day course that covers, Rifle Zero Confirmation, Data Collection from 500 to 1000, Ranging formula and engagement,  Ghillie Suit makeup and camouflage.  Day 2 of the class students get into the fundamentals of stalking, hide selection and egress routes, Target Detection and Selection and much more. 


Basic Knowledge of Ballistic Calculation and Experience Shooting Targets @ 600 Yards. 



Sat October  23rd - Sun October 24th, 2021

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Course Schedule:

Day 1: 

  • Rifle Zero Confirmation

  • Data Collection 500 to 1000

  • Ranging formula and engagement

  • Ghillie Suit makeup and camouflage 

Day 2:

  • Fundamentals of Stalking

  • Hide Selection and egress route 

  • Target Detection and Selection

  • Sniper/Spotter Communication

  • Range card

  • Engaging targets from hide exercise


*Note: Students must have knowledge of ballistic calculator and experience shooting targets to 600 yards.

Equipment needed:

  • Minimum 3 day Ruck

  • Drag Bag or 3 day pack with scarab

  • Eye and ear pro

  • Water source

  • Pen and paper

  • Calculator

  • Ghillie suit

  • Camo apparel/with hat, gloves and military style boots

  •  Sun screen

  • Face paint

  • Compass or GPS

  • Sniper or long range rifle capable of 1000 yards and 60 rounds ammo

  • Scope must have Mil or MOA reticle

  • Bipod

  • Rear bag

  • Pruning shears or small hand saw


Optional Equipment: Shooting tripod, rangefinder, ballistic calculator, spotting scope with tripod, binoculars and additional AR15 or AR10 platform.


Chad Thibodeaux

Military Education: Basic Combat Training (1991) Advance Individual Training (1991) Infantry Course (1996) Combat Lifesaver (2002) (2006) (2011) (2012) NCOES (2001) (2004) (2005) (2007) Sniper (2006) Airborne (2009) Ranger Course (2009) Army Basic Instructor Course (2014)

 Decorations, Awards and Citations: Bronze Star (with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster) Meritorious Service Metal, Army Commendation Medal (with 3 Oak Leaf Cluster) Army Achievement Medal (with 2 Oak Leaf Cluster) Armed Forces Expedition Medal, Army Overseas Service Medal (2) Combat Infantry Badge, Parachutes Badge.

Key Positions: 2004-2006 PSD (Personal Security Detail) 71st Information Operations Group, 2006-2008 Squad leader / Company Sniper B Co 3-144 IN, 2008-2009 Counter Drug Operations and Surveillance, 2009-2010, Platoon SGT / Sniper Sustainment NCOIC 1-141 IN Battalion.

Deployments: 1993 Kuwait, 2003 Bosnia, 2006 Iraq, 2009 Iraq

Civilian Affiliations: Senior Long Range Instructor Delta Red Training Group

Experience in Long Range Instructions: 

  • Instructed soldiers of 1-141 IN, sniper techniques for preparation for sniper school to keep a sustainable pipeline of snipers. 


  • Instructed long range marksmanship to civilians with various background, experience and equipment


Strong Points:

  • Familiar with military sniper equipment like M24, M110 and XM 2010

  • Familiar and experience with civilian long range equipment ranging from MOA and Mil optics and various rifle calibers

512.575.3114 X700

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