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Once reserved for our nations tip of the spear Military and LEO units, this high speed reactive shooting course, designed by Bill Rogers, is now available to our responsibly armed citizens as well.

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The Rogers reactive shooting facility is but one of the many ranges housed within the 2300 acre Mission Critical training ranch. Rogers Range Texas is owned, operated and staffed by the Mission Critical team.

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CWO4 SEAL ret. Richard W. Lumpkin

Billy Lumpkin retired after 24 years of service in the Navy SEAL Teams serving from 1988 to 2012.

During his career he served at SEAL Team EIGHT (ST8), Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Development Group (DEVGRU) and NSW Groups TWO and THREE (NSWG-2 & 3) Training Detachments (TRADET) as an Operator and Training Officer. While assigned at ST8 and DEVGRU’s Assault Squadron as an Assaulter and Sniper Troop Leader he did multiple worldwide combat deployments. After receiving his Commission he was assigned to NSWG-2 TRADET as the Assault Officer In Charge (OIC) where he trained over 50 SEAL Task Units from SEAL Teams, TWO, FOUR, EIGHT and TEN in Close Quarter Combat, Urban Warfare and Combat Shooting Techniques, preparing them for their Combat Deployments. He then returned to DEVGRU as the Selection and Training Green Team OIC for several years finishing his career at NSWG-3 as the TRADET OIC.

Currently he works as a Close Combat and shooting Instructor for SEAL Teams ONE, THREE, FIVE and SEVEN through CACI, shooting instructor at Rogers Shooting School and adjunct lead instructor at Mid South Institute of Combat Shooting. In addition to training the West Coast SEAL Teams, he is still active in the Special Operations Community training our Nation’s current Military Special Operations Forces and our local and Federal Law Enforcement communities SWAT and Special Response Teams.




Steve Reichert served 12 years in the United States Marine Corps, with two years in combat zones in the middle-east. He was medically retired after taking an IED blast in while serving in Iraq.

After retiring from the U.S. Marines, Steve founded one of the most highly regarded privately owned military training companies in North America, Tier 1 Group (T1G), a defense-related company which provides specialized services and training to the US Government & other agencies around the globe. During his work with T1G, Steve has gained a wealth of knowledge by working with some of the world’s most advanced and specialized units.

Steve is an ardent American Patriot who fully supports the oath he took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Steve Reichert

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